Are You Ready to Learn Kung Fu?

Welcome To Lee’s Academy of Martial Arts and Oriental Martial Arts Supply where we offer our students classes for the whole family in Oak Forest, IL plus all of the supplies you may need to learn and train in the martial arts including the Chinese styles of Kenpo Karate, Northern Shaolin Longfist, and Temple Style Tai Chi. We also have classes in other styles for self-defense and health. Explore the variety of classes we have.

What is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is skill gained through hard work. At Lee’s Academy of Martial Arts, our highly trained and experienced instructors teach our students through hard work and discipline proper techniques in a large variety of martial arts styles. We offer classes in both “empty-hand” styles as well as weapons training.

Martial Arts Equipment

Are you in need of quality martial arts supplies that won’t cost you a small fortune? With more than 20 years of experience Lee’s Oriental Martial Arts Supply is the store to shop for all your affordable, name brand martial arts supply needs for any budget. Stop by for top-quality martial arts supplies, weapons, uniforms, sparring gear, training shoes, books, and videos. Serving the Chicago south side area proudly for over 25 years. Training is now currently available so please inquire about forming classes. Located in Oak Forest, Illinois.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the absolute best in martial arts instruction, focusing on health and self-defense for our students and their families. We are dedicated to life-long learning for our instructors who are always of the highest caliber and who are practitioners themselves.

Our Vision

To put the expectations of our students and clients first helping them to be the best they can be through the discipline, health, and principles behind the martial arts we proudly teach. We strive to grow through a positive reputation for excellence.

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