Lee's Academy of Martial Arts

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Here at Lee’s Academy of Martial Arts we do not require contracts. Dues are paid at the start of each month. At the Academy we believe that great training, both physically and mentally, helps form good citizens for the surrounding community and society as a whole.  We also feel that if you enjoy the training you will continue to return. And the only guarantee we stand behind is that you will earn your rank or knowledge you gain by training with us.

We provide an intimate training facility that is open to the public and we encourage as many visitors and spectators as we can hold. At Lee’s the instructors actually run the classes, not some lower rank. Training is about a relationship developed by trust in the system and the instructor. So the individual you pay your dues to is the individual who shows you the way of the system.

All of our teachers are certified and fine representatives of their respected systems. And one final note, you will NOT receive your black belt in 3 years here. If you are training here for rank expect to be here for a while. And when you earn your rank, you will feel that it was deserved.

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