Martial Arts Styles

Here at Lee’s Academy of Martial Arts, we train our students in a wide variety of styles at their own pace. Students are able to choose their path toward the kung fu they will pursue. Here are the styles in which we train:

Chinese Kenpo Karate

Chinese KenpoChinese Kenpo focuses equally on Defense and Offense. Kenpo is a superb defensive system using Checks, Angles, Strikes, Parries and Other methods to maintain maximum defensive positions even while attacking. Kenpo is also well known for blinding Hand Combinations but it also contains a large variety of kicks, stomps and low line destructive techniques.


Tai Chi

If you want to develop your entire body, mind, and spirit, Temple Style Tai Chi delivers wellness, strength, relaxation, and creativity. Your whole being will be awakened as you learn to cultivate chi, the energy that exists in everyone and all things, and distribute chi power throughout your body.

Filipino Martial Arts

In this class we focus on the drills and fundamentals techniques of Traditional Filipino Martial Arts.  This is a weapons based where students learn movements with a single stick, double stick, stick and knife, double knife and empty hand.  Filipino training is great for hand-eye  coordination, agility and “hidden cardio” which is organized into self defense and self protection skills.  All adults are welcome and young adults  under the age of 18 by appointment only please.  These classes are based on close quarter confrontations and how to handle the mental and  physical challenges of these types of situations.